Mission 432: Heaven to Houston

Urban Monks we have a Mission! Give Heaven to Houston.


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An Urban Monk is a culturally enlightened person; an almost inhuman, self educated, social fighter of worldly problems without weapons or armor. The Urban Monk masters positive thinking, and controls the level at which he or she vibrates. An Urban Monk’s thirst for unity lays the foundation for the mission and the lifestyle. Urban Monks have a specific mission and that mission aligns with his or her passions. It is nourished by kindness; it also does not go without support. Progression is bound in togetherness. Our universal mission is driven by the firm belief that our craft shapes our culture. Today, guided by the same core belief that got us started, we have embraced the opportunity and responsibility to take on more. We want a world that celebrates the intrinsic value and interconnection of all life. One that works together to protect it. That is why we are always expanding our mission and developing new and exciting partnerships.  We are a relational missions team that understands programs do not change people, people change people.


Mission 432 : Heaven to Houston

In times like these, we need people that care and identify as light-bearers to bring people foreseen peace to the world. Not just for Houston, but for the whole world. The pioneers of our industries created and innovated with the intent to uplift, empower and sustain. As craftsmen and women we must use our gifts to advance the world. What will you do? Mission 432 is all about mass producing social cures to heal world problems. The number 432 derives from the healing frequency of the world. We can use frequency to vibrate at healing levels and project these vibrations to the world. Are you an Urban Monk? Are you using your craft to move the culture? Have you joined one of our hard working committees? We need your help!

Our first Mission is to help bring Heaven to Houston. “America is really taking it hard right now; when making music I can't simply release it to inspire alone. It has to come with a mission to show that music cares. This is the core goal of Mission 432”, says founder Sir the Baptist. This is why Sir is calling on 1200 people to become Urban Monks and contribute their time and energy to the cause of rebuilding Houston, while still earning $17-25 per hour. This is achieved through a partnership with H&S Commercial & Industrial Supplies and Services. See the link below for more information and to apply today!


“Creativity must come with responsibility.”

Sir the Baptist  |  Hip Hop Chaplain

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History of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is shaping up to be one of, if not the, most destructive natural disasters in United States history. The hurricane came in off the Gulf of Mexico and reached Houston on Friday August 25th, 2017, with winds reaching 132 miles per hour upon landfall. The storms path made Harvey sit over Houston for over 5 days, dumping over 51.9 inches of rain across the area. This amount of rainfall would be difficult for any area to take, yet alone Houston - the nation’s 4th largest populated metropolitan city with over 6.5 million people.

The aftermath of the hurricane is unveiling the size and scope of the destruction, with over 40,000 Houstonians fleeing to shelters and an untold number of people displaced or still stranded. There have been 46 deaths reported, over 100,000 homes affected by the flooding, widespread electrical outages and 19 trillion gallons of water that dumped throughout the city — with those numbers still increasing with the waters just recently receding. The total cost of the destruction is projected to hit $190 billion ($65 million more than Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005). This is a true disaster. And one that needs to be combated by not only money to rebuild the region, but boots on the ground to help the locals in the days, weeks and months ahead. Mission 432, in partnership with H&S Commercial & Industrial Supplies and Services, will be one piece to bring Heaven to Houston.


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